FAIRS History

The Creation of FAIRS

FAIRS was created as an idea during a train trip from Moscow to the Western Ukraine. There were five Americans David KK4WW and Gaynell KD4GMV (now KK4WWW) Larsen, Bob W6YMR and Virginia KD6- NBW Friebertshauser, and John Douglas N0ISL) and host Victor Goncharsky US5- WE.

The date was May 9th, 1991. This sparked the name “59 Group”. We visited to set up/ distribute donated equipment in Russia and Ukraine. It seemed that a formal group was needed to do this type of volunteer work in an organized way on a regular basis. Today, FAIRS continues in its mission of promoting goodwill through amateur radio:

By providing equipment, funds and training for amateurs & governments in less fortunate countries, arranging exchange visits, partnering with groups & individuals to provide radios, medical assistance & other services. We transport medicine, supplies, and relief aid to various areas in need, and network with individuals throughout the world who manage project activities on a volunteer basis. We provide support & training, plus education for students, interns in our area. We give motivational support in radio gatherings held several times a week.

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