David KK4WW and Gaynell KK4WWW Larsen and Dee Dannewitz KG4VMI of FAIRS (Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service, Ltd.) boarded an island-hopper plane from Dominica to Grenada for Hamboree 2006.  The weekend event was hosted by Grenada Amateur Radio Club-- Reuben Pursoo J39DE, Allan Budhlall J39BK, and Graham Stratton J39BW were notable hams involved with programming...

 Representative of National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA), Sylvain McIntyre gives opening address at Hamboree 2006 in Grenada

 Dolores St. Jean J39/J73DSJ, Peter Denny J39/8R1WD, Tony Peters J39/J73TP, Lars Berg J39/SM0CCM and Clem James J39/J73CI pose for the camera during social gathering to kick off Hamboree 2006

 Dominica's Tony Peters J39/J73TP, Sweden's Seth Sjoestroem J39/SM0XBI, Gaynell J39/KK4WWW and Dee J39/KG4VMI take an early morning walk on Grand Anse Beach

 Sweden's Lars Berg J39/SM0CCM working contacts all over the world from room 111 at the Allamanda Resort, venue for Hamboree 2006

 Several hams work to mount an antenna, preparing for a public demonstration of amateur radio at Hamboree 2006

 Graham Stratton J39BW and Seth Sjoestroem J39/SM0XBI make the best of problems with propagation during public demonstration at Hamboree 2006

 Clem James J39/J73CI and David J39/KK4WW discuss amateur radio training programs and public education during time of demonstration at Hamboree 2006

 Several Hamboree 2006 delegates took tour over the island of Grenada-- This is a picturesque view overlooking St. George's and the bay area.  Grenada suffered much loss when Hurricane Ivan ripped through in September 2004.

 Hams enjoy breakfast together at conclusion of 2006 Hamboree

A delightful meeting with Reuben Pursoo J39DE and his brother Eugene, who is a professor at New York’s Medgar Evers College.  Dee J39/KG4VMI and Gaynell J39/KK4WWW would like to join as “Friends of Grenada”, a group Eugene has assembled to benefit his homeland.

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